Sunday, February 24, 2008

Our sick little boy

Though he appears VERY happy on Valentine's day (we each had a banana split for dessert), Ian has been a sick little boy since.

Ian has been pretty sick for the past week or so. We tried to get him feeling better with some of our own stuff but after a few nights of very little sleep for any of us (except for Mae--who can seemingly sleep through anything), we finally decided to get him checked out.

It turns out that he has tonsilitis, and an ear infection in both ears--poor kid!

It is really sad to see him with his swollen eyes and little voice coming out of his swollen throat. However, now that we have some antibiotics, we think he will be getting better--at least we hope he will soon.
Also, I just wanted to post this picture of Mae--her dad got her some of her own flowers for Valentine's day and she absolutely loved them!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Mae absolutely loves peanut butter--whenever she gets to choose a snack she asks for peanut butter on a spoon. Well, often Mae will wake up early (around 5:45-6:30) and we will tell her to go back to bed. "But I am hungry and I want breakfast," she will say. We tell her that we will get her up when we are ready to make breakfast, etc. Anyway, it turns out that after one of these conversations, Mae decided that she would get herself some peanut butter and a spoon--which apparently she did and then hid in her closet so that we wouldn't find out.

Enter Ian.

One day it was abnormally quiet and whenever that happens we know that Ian is doing something that he shouldn't be doing, so I went to look for him. He had found the jar of peanut butter and the spoon and had had himself a meal....seriously, that kid keeps us busier than anything else!

Friday, February 8, 2008

What A Week!!

Well, I would have to say that I am glad that this week is over...Two sick kids, a mom on antibiotics for the mother of all UTI's, and an absent father/husband. That actually sums it up, but the details are what make it interesting, right?

The week started with me being up most of the night Monday. I was in the bathroom every 10 minutes from 12:30 to 4:00 am. Why didn't I call and get something from my doctor?? Because there is not a 24 hour pharmacy here in Stillwater, so I had to wait anyway.

So enough about my pee...we are all good there now. Mae has been out of school with a fever and cough since Tuesday. She and Ian have been waking up a few times every night crying which in unlike both of them. Then they were up at 5:30 ready to play. I thought Ian had dodged the sickness, but then....I was up with him last night for two hours with a Croupy cough...ahhh. Both he and Mae woke up this morning looking terrible. Their eyes were red and swollen and both had pretty bad coughs.

So that was our week...Brad has been completely absent from our home this week due to his first year PhD qualifying exam tomorrow (I did feel privileged to have his sleep next to me for 6-7 hours during the night though) Other than those hours of sleep and the short breaks he takes for meals, he has been studying for the exam and trying to keep up with his regular weekly load.
Does life ever slow down??? And will I feel like I am not a single mom ever again?