Friday, September 10, 2010

A Few Things We Did This Summer...

Ian went on his first Fathers and Sons campout. This is the only picture Brad got.

We blessed Peter. It was a great day with lots of family and nice weather


Peter with his cousin Andrew who is 3 months older (I forgot to rotate the image).

The Foster reunion was by Capitol Reef National Park. We all went on a really run hike that was 6 miles long and we all had to get in the water that was up to an adult's chest. The kids had a great time, though it was a rough day for Peter.
We had a great time in Bear Lake with lots of cousins, and spent lots of hours down at the lake.
Mae turned 7! She is getting sooo old.
Mae was in the Swiss Chorus and sang at Swiss Days and was in the Swiss Days Parade. This is her second cousin, neighbor and friend, Audrey.
Ian started Preschool and gets to ride the bus! I think this was among one of the best days of his life!
Brad did the Richfield Triathlon again this year-I sat this one out. He and a bunch of his family had a great time.
Brad had a fun end to his summer--he went Kayaking around the San Juan Islands up by Seattle with his brother, sisters, and brother in laws. I again sat this one out, but I am making a list of things I want to do when I don't have a baby stuck to me.

And last, the most important event of the summer...we got a new sister in law and aunt. Lauren married Sean. It was a fun long day, and we are happy to have her in our family.

Though Lauren and Sean were the most popular at the wedding, Peter was a very close third as you can see, and he loves the attention.