Thursday, March 26, 2009

A few pics and vids...

Lindsay snapped a few shots of the kids during our recent Dutch Oven cookout (FHE) outing to Red Cliffs while I set up a top rope for Mae and Ian to do a little rock climbing. We had a great time and we think that it is something we will do more of since we are back in Utah.

Gotta get a good bath shot every once in a while.

Noah has been crawling for a few weeks now (and is cruising on all fours with ease),
but this was his meager beginning.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hangin' at the Fosters...

Last weekend we visited Paul and Molly in Richfield, UT for a few days. Brad found out there was a job available at the middle school there after having visited a number of the schools in the area. It sure would be fun to end up in Richfield so that we could live close to Paul and Molly again. When we lived near each other in Utah county we were able to do so much with them and we had TONS of fun.

This trip wasn't all business, though. We watch a few "Office" episodes that we had missed, played Settlers of Catan (Cities and Knights version) late into the night, watched City of Ember with the kids, rode the Rhino, played a the park and even got in a little shopping (yes, in Richfield).

Noah and Hyrum hung out with each other at the bar for every meal. The two had apparently had such a good time that when we took Noah away for a bath, Hyrum cried because he thought that he had lost his friend!

Ian is quite the narcissist (who isn't at 3) and always has to drive--good thing that his cousin, Lucas, is a good sport. These two were the best of friends and the most bitter enemies depending on the time of day--we think that they parted on good terms, however, and are looking forward to seeing each other again.

We threw almost all of the kids into the Rhino and headed out for a little jaunt in the hills just outside of town. The kids had a great time and begged to stay longer, but because we ran out of cookies we had to head home.

Nora and Mae had TONS of fun on this trip (we credit Avery and Lydia for being good enough sports to play with the "younger kids"). They had so much fun, in fact, that they spooned well into the night.

Thanks, Fosters, for showing us such a GREAT time! We will be back again soon--this time, however, you may only provide ONE yummy dessert dish per day, Brad got sick because he ate so many of your chocolate-chip cranberry cookies and ice-cream pudding--not to mention the black-tie Cheesecake Factory cheesecake we had for his birthday!

Hope to see you guys again soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ice Skating anyone...? least, that is what Ian calls it. For some reason the words "hiking" and "ice skating" are indistinguishable to him, but he certainly loves hiking. Anyway, here are some pics/vids from our recent "ice skating" outing to the red hill.

Even Noah had a good time in the kiddie pack!