Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wow,..Another 6 Months

We had a great summer...we literally played 80% of it. It has been nice to get back into the swing of a schedule-cheaper too. Here are a few of the highlights of our last 6 months...

Mae turned 8 and got baptized. We were so excited for her. She seems to know so much more about her decision than I think I did at that age. But I am pretty sure she thinks she knows more about most things than me, even now! We sure do love her. She loves giving all the lessons in family home evening, and she loves Choosing the Right. She is loved by all who know her, teachers, primary teachers, family and especially her brothers.

School started again. Ian started Kindergarten..does he looked excited? He is pretty sure he is awesome at every subject, and insists he already knows how to read (he can memorize sight word books brought home).

Mae started 3rd grade. She loves her teacher and has made a bunch of new friends. I never have to worry about her.
Peter is still stinking cute, wouldn't you agree?
I turned 30...I wish I hadn't but I didn't have much say in the matter.
Mae got her first bloody nose in soccer. She was a good sport about it and I was "that mom" that said "ahh she's fine" after the ball hit her and then felt bad when she came off the field dripping.
Ian lost his first tooth. Two in fact. When he came to us saying he lost his tooth, the other was also gone. Who knows where that one went.
Halloween was fun. Brad was a Utah fan. I was actually a BYU fan. Ian and Mae are obvious. Noah was Super Dog (and fell and cut his head open 5 minutes before this picture. A lot of bloody rags and some super glue later, he was fine), and Peter again was stinking cute as an owl.
Last but not least. Ian turned 6. He had a Star Wars cake (cookie). Lots of black food coloring sure looks cool on the cake, but I had that whole think thrown in the sink after everyone had one bite because it was staining EVERYTHING it touched. Tongues and fingers included.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Anniversary, Track, and a Birthday

I tried to post this so that Peter's birthday was first, but I forgot that it posts pictures in reverse, so here we go...

Brad and I went to Lake Tahoe for our 9th anniversary, just the two of us for 4 nights and 5 days. We had a blast; we camped the first two nights and then stayed in a hotel the next two. I thought that it was the perfect combination. We were able to eat dutch oven while camping and get a massage and a real shower at the hotel. We did almost everything we wanted to do and were exhausted by the end.

While at a spot called Sand Harbor it was actually hot enough that Brad had to jump in. I professional photographer that was taking pictures of the landscape caught this picture of Brad and emailed it to us.

Brad really wanted to go parasailing, I wasn't so sure. I think I wanted to know how I would like it since my love for heights has taken a huge dive in the last 10 years. Consensus, Brad loved making fun of me the whole time we were up there, and I know I never have to do it again...
This picture was taken while we were attempting a hike. Were were trying to make it to the top of Mount Talac. The snow stopped us about half way up the mountain but we saw some beautiful views--Fallen Leaf Lake and Lake Tahoe in the background.

Us kayaking. Going on a trip just the the two of us, we weren't able to get great pictures so you will just have to take my word for it. This was probably my favorite part. We kayaked at Sand Harbor one evening and then kayaked into Emerald Bay the next--we kayaked about 9 miles that day. We were exhausted, but it was fun.

Mae did city track this year. I think she enjoyed it. They only awarded medals and ribbons at one of the 5, but Mae did great at that one. She placed 1st in the 400 meter, 2nd in the long jump, 5th in the 50 meter, and 6th in the 100 meter.

Peter's Birthday!!!! We love this little guy, we promise, even if he had the lamest party ever. Thats how it goes with the 4th I guess.

We got him a wagon....

He is crawling all over the place and is attempting to stand without holding on to anything. I can't get him to say anything but DaaaDaa most of the time, but that does make me apprectiate the couple times he says Maaaa in my week. He tries to copy what we say sometimes and mimicks the sound more than the word. Going along with his most frequent word, he is loving his dad these days. This always happens after I wean my babies...they no longer need me and change their allegiences. He does still love me though.

Sorry for the next picture, but Brad really wants me to post it: Peter frequently has hard stools and so he cries every time he poops whether it it hard or not. He was doing the poo cry so I went to change his diaper. He had not pooped yet but it was on its way out. I swear that this is exactly how it greeted me, "head first", there was no manipulation what so ever. Brad calls it the "Frankinpoo": I am sorry if you will all have nightmares after this.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Taste of Summer...

We spent the last two weeks in St. George and got to see what April is supposed to feel like. Brad actually only got one week, but we had a ton of fun, and even got some color on our pasty faces!

Easter was two days after getting home. This is the kids in their Easter best! Peter was sick so he wasn't in the picture. I didn't get him any new clothes anyway-poor fourth child. As you can see they are still on a high from the warm weather. Don't worry the snow storm we had yesterday has put the scowl back on our faces.


Red Rock Run in Richfield. Brad's brother Paul is the Rec Director there and puts on such great races--and they give the best shirts which is the most important part, right?!
Noah turns 3! He had a great Birthday. He got the dinosaur cake he requested and earlier that day we went hiking up on the Red Hill.

You can't tell, but I am holding on to Ian very tightly. We only spent about 3 minutes up on the Dixie--it was much more fun when we didn't have 4 kids.
Brad and I have decided that the narrows give us a good idea where we are with our physical fitness. We would like to say that when we don't fit up them anymore then there is a problem, but we both are pretty close to that.

What a fun extended Spring Break. Now come on Heber, give us some warmth!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Another 6 Months

Well, it has been another 6 months since I posted...but life has been happening, and here is a few pictures of our winter lately:

We went sledding with the kids on Presidents Day and had a ton of fun. Peter slept in the car, which was probably the most fun he was going to have too.
Here is Brad attempting a train down the hill with the kids, this time didn't work (Ian is laying on his stomach on his sled, just behind Brad and Mae wanted to try standing up the whole way down).
Going off jumps...

Noah could do everything himself, even carry the sled up the hill, it was sooo nice.
Some pictures of my boys...Peter is growing up quick, we wonder if we thought all of our kids were as cute as him. We are pretty sure we did.
Mae's 2nd grade program. All the kids dressed up as a book character. Mae is Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Geotrax...our life these days.

Christmas: I was scheduled to work Christmas morning, so we asked Santa Clause to make us his first stop (I ended up being put on call). We had a camp fire and sang Christmas carols on Christmas Eve and when we got back, Santa had come and we got to open all of our presents! It was fun having grandma and grandpa Foster, Craig, grandma Terri, grandpa Wendell, and Ashlie with us too.

It was freezing!!! But still fun.