Monday, May 3, 2010

Spring is Here....Kind of

Here is all the fun things we were able to do before our week long snow storm hit this last week...

It is soccer time! Mae and Ian are both enjoying soccer and are getting better each game. Mae even scored a goal in her last game (it must have been because of my awesome coaching skills--I filled in for her coach for the first half of the game. I have to admit I was not thrilled to do it at first, being 8 months pregnant, running all over the field, all the while making sure that Ian and Noah stayed within sight on the side lines--Brad was at a track meet. But I had a lot of fun!). Ian in his last game actually seemed to watch the ball and go after it. Up until now the only concept he understood is that we were all watching him, and he spent the entire time watching us watch him instead of playing.

Noah's Birthday was on the 20th of April. He is now 2!! We think he had a great time. Grandma and Grandpa Campbell were able to come for some soccer games, and then dinner, cake, and presents!

He loved his are his favorite toys.
We spent some time in St. George over Spring Break. Britany and JJ were there with their two boys. Ian loved holding Andrew and even thought that he might be his little baby brother (who is not born yet) for a minute. Seeing Ian hold Andrew made me excited for our new baby.
Of course we did some swimming in St. George. Here is Noah jumping off the diving board, which he did all by himself!
Our major Spring Break activity was a trip to California. We went to Disneyland one day and the the beach one day. We went with Paul and Molly and their family, and the kids had a blast. We honestly hardly saw Mae. She and Nora had their own agenda and were in their own world most of the time. It was a quick trip but very worth it!

The beach we went to was AMAZING! It was a little cove. We were able to hike around the rocks and see all the marine life and pretty much had the beach to ourselves. In the evening the body boarders showed up. Ian was fascinated by them and watched them for over an hour, yelling his approval when they would catch a wave...