Sunday, November 15, 2009

A couple of pictures from our front lawn...

Granted, there is a bit of snow up in the mountains now, but we love our view!

Mae lost a tooth...

She was excited to have her first loose tooth, but not so excited to take it out. Lindsay threw in a helping hand and together they were able to take care of business.

Finally... a new post!

Because I know how excited you all get when we write/post something new.

Halloween was great! The kids loved their costumes--and their candy. Mae finally decided to shed the "princess" gig and this year she was a beautiful witch. Ian was a knight until he saw that Mae got to put on some makeup--then he decided to be a dead knight (see the black circles?). Noah was a construction worker--our little boy standby costume. They all looked great and had lots of fun at the trunk or treat and at the Campbell's Halloween party!

As you can see, Ian is a sucker for suckers.

Noah looks great--and cute. He won a prize at our community trunk or treat because of his parent's skill in costume making.

Can't have a Halloween party without bobbing for apples.