Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I guess Ian has felt a little neglected these past few days...

...what with a new baby in the home and all. The other day he had to strip down naked and play outside just to get our attention.

Poor kid.

Mom and baby continue to do well. I will try to get Lindsay to post her natural childbirth story before too long. Here are a few more pictures:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Say hello to Noah Paul Foster!

(I know, he seems a little dramatic)

He arrived at 4:14 am Sunday Morning, April 20th.

Lindsay had been feeling pretty painful contractions for two days prior every 10-20 minutes or so (after having given birth she mentioned to me that some of those contractions were more painful than some during her labor). Anyway, on Saturday night the contractions started getting closer together. After they had been roughly 2-3 minutes apart for an hour we headed off for the hospital (where Lindsay had pre-arranged for the room of her choice).

Lindsay had decided to do this one natural and she made it! I was so impressed with her ability to think through the pain and birth our biggest child yet--7 lbs, 9oz! Noah is 20 inches long and, as you can see, has jet black hair like Mae did when she was born.

Because Noah came out so quickly (only TWO pushes for Lindsay before Noah had arrived) his face was pretty badly bruised. Some of these pictures are just after his birth and show how swollen and purple his face is. However, Mae, Ian and I just got back from the Hospital for our second visit today and Noah is already looking better--more pictures to come, of course, so feel free to check back every couple of days.

By the way... Mother and baby are doing just fine. The video below shows his swollen, purple face--and the temperament to match it!