Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Noah's Birthday!

We had some GREAT food and lots of fun in the pool while we all wished Noah a happy first birhtday. Noah had a lot of fun as well with a bit of swimming and a quick feast on his miniature birthday cake (you can watch him attack it in the above clip).

This was Noah's cake--if you can't tell, it is a caterpillar.

Lots of people were there, including Brad's parents along with Craig and Shannon.

Noah actually had fun opening his presents and still enjoys playing with his new cell phone.

We want to send out a BIG thanks to Wendell and Terri for their hospitality in hosting the event and for cooking the lions share of the food.

Monday, April 20, 2009


What does six hours in the pool do to you?



Not to mention how quickly it can make you go to sleep at night!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Catching up...

We have been BUSY!

We got back from a great weekend in Beaver where we spent conference with Grandma and Grandpa Foster--the kids got to see the houndies and even took them for a walk during the break in the afternoon session on Sunday. We had some great activities planned for the kids so that they would remain somewhat attentive while we listened to conference.

In other news... Brad has been up and down I-15 for the last few months spreading his name and credentials throughout the state and has a number of contacts because of it (the best prospects look to be Enterprise, Manilla, and Layton with a smattering of possibilities in Nebo and Alpine districts). We are not sure whether we have a favorite or not--drawbacks include the facts that Enterprise has limited housing, and Layton is too close to the U of U ;).

All joking aside, we will just be happy to finally lay down some roots in Utah.

On a side note, the kids have been up to a few things as well. Mae has learned to ride her bike without training wheels and rides to school just about every day that it is warm enough to do it. She loves her bike and wants us to watch her constantly because she is so good at it.

Mae has also kept pushing her swimming skills. She not only goes off the diving board, but can now swim the full length of the pool too.

Ian has been trying to keep up with his sister and wants to be able to ride a two-wheeler, but has to stick to his trike for now. However, he is getting better at swimming and will now swim short lengths from the deep end to shallow area (with and without his arm floaties). Those who know Ian should understand that this is a BIG deal for him, and this weekend he dropped our jaws by jumping off of the diving board! Mae, not to be out-done, immediately worked up the courage to go off the high-dive. We about freaked out because we didn't think that she would dare to do it.