Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June at the Foster home...

I guess we are at the point with this blog that we post one GOOD post every month or so! Oh well, I guess it will do. At any rate, what a great month we have had--full of camping, hiking, swimming, road trips, family, and fun!

The month started with a great little camping trip with some family in Beaver. We set up camp in a little area at the base of the mountains called south creek--just a side-of-the-road set up, not an established campsite (something we prefer). We met Paul, Molly and their kids at the site and set up camp. The kids had a great time and we had some REALLY yummy food--especially the peanut-butter s'mores (thanks, Molly).

We actually rarely saw these two apart--they played in the dirt, gathered firewood for us, played "guns" with sticks, and otherwise roamed until there was food to be had.

Grandma and Grandpa Foster came up to visit throughout the evening to eat, to chat, and to tell a "spooky" story to all of the kids.

Mae and Nora are a great match for each other--they both have great imaginations and love all things "girly".

The following week, our little family headed down to Vegas for a little getaway. We had heard that the Mandalay Bay Hotel has a great pool for kids and families--and it is true. The kids had a great time and we all had lots of fun--big thanks to Wendell and Terri for accompanying us and helping us watch the kids during our make-up "Anniversary".

Anybody who knows Ian even a little bit knows that it is difficult to get him out of the water--now imagine trying to get him out of a fun place like the Mandalay Bay pool! He especially loved to visit the hot-tub after getting out of the lazy river (because it was kinda cold).

Noah even had a great time at the pool and especially liked to eat the sand and play in the shallow end of the ginormous wave pool.

Mae was enjoying herself all the way around--around the lazy river, under the sand, in the wave pool, and definately in the hot tub.

We took the kids to the Bellagio water show and they were all amazed at how cool it is--I have never seen a reaction on Mae that combined the expressions of wonder, amazement, awe, and excitement all at once.

So... on to the REAL excitement for the month: Hiking the SUBWAY.

It started out well enough--Brad planned the whole thing, and it looked as though it was going to be a lot of fun (and it really was, we just hadn't planned on the extra six miles or so that it took us to finish).

Craig, me, Jeni, Lindsay, Paul, Molly, Shane and Dana (Molly's Sister and her husband) all decided to take the plunge. Long story short--I missed the turnoff to the SUBWAY and we ended up hiking about three miles out of our way (I left the map in the car--BIG oops!!!).

This is a shot of the beginning of the hike (after we had hiked back to the beginning) and this is also before you drop in to the beautiful canyon you have probably seen pictures of.

The water was really cold and by the time we were deep in the canyon we were all freezing while we waited for everyone else to enter the part of the hike that is known as the "subway".

The hike out was beautiful, but longer than we expected. The above picture is a sight we were all used to by the end of the hike because Paul and Molly led the way the entire time--they are great hikers and were anxious to get home to their kids.

All in all it has been a great month--and we still have a week left!

Monday, June 1, 2009

What have we beenup to lately?...

Well, let's see...

There were the hikes we did at Zions--Mae and Ian were troopers, hiking roughly 4 miles in a few hours with only a few breaks at the top of the hikes for pictures and some fun. Uh... and, yes, that is a 4 and a half foot long rattle snake that I took a picture of on the side of the trail.

If you look closely, you can see a herd of Desert Big Horn Sheep in the background.

Mae graduated from her Kindergarten class and even has a diploma to prove it! She loved her class and absolutely loves her teacher, Mrs. Brandon.

We have also been on a camping trip--to Pine Valley--and it was very pretty. All the kids had a great time hiking up to the old cabin Wendell used to own, and they especially had a good time roasting marshmallows and hot dogs!


Here is a quick video portraying the evidence of how much fun Noah had on the hike.