Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good thing Ian's POTTY TRAINED,

It made it easier to SPANK his little bottom!!!

Let's start with the good, shall we? Ian is potty trained, yea!! It has been a week now and we went 5 days in a row without any accidents. He pooped his pants today, but hey, he can't be perfect right? The first day was pretty rough for both of us. Ian sat on the potty flexing every muscle in his body trying to hold back the pee and bawling until he finally just couldn't hold it anymore and it dribbled out. I got to sit in the bathroom with him for all his successful attempts--success meaning that he was able to hold off the pee until the sensation went away. I was in the bathroom for 2 hours! Thank goodness that only lasted a day. That day he went eight hours without peeing.

Here he is in some of his "Cars" underwear...there is more where that came from...Thomas the Train, and Spiderman too!!! We are really impressed and proud of him. We definitely underestimated his ability this time.

Now for a "typical" Ian moment. Last week he had A DAY. If you know Ian or you have any "Ianites" yourselves, you know what A DAY is. In between him punching Mae, pulling Mae's hair, flooding the bathroom by flushing the entire role of toilet paper down the toilet (when I say entire role, I mean cardboard tube and all--I got to fish that out with my hands), and annoying Mae and myself by repeating the same words over and over and over, Ian had "quiet time" in his bedroom. He was being very quiet in there, and I was foolishly impressed by it. The video explains the rest.

He got to sit in the corner while Mae and I cleaned up his room. You should have seen the boogers that came out of my nose after that!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Family exercise time!

Yup... we are all having a great time!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some old pictures--just for fun!

Just one of those "memory lane" things...

Caesar and Cleopatra headed off for a "How to Host a Murder"
I know... the costumes are great!

A cute one of Mae and Ian (when he was more manageable).

Ian and Daddy on the cold Oregon coast a couple of years ago.
We sure miss Oregon--even the cold beach!

Just a cute picture--Mae's first haircut.

So... this is our FIRST illegal Christmas tree.

Yes we have cut down numerous illegal trees--all by accident!
(Seriously, don't report us)

This one of Mae is just classic--how can you not love it!?

Thanksgiving in Beaver--Good times!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


So I just googled mine and Brad's name ("Brad Foster", "Lindsay Foster") know its Sunday night, not a whole lot to do. Well this is what caption is under our name which links you to this blog:

The Foster Fam: We are the Brad and Lindsay Foster Family. ..... led astray by half truths spread by one of Satan's Angels, Known to most as "Brad Foster". ... - 76k -

This makes us look like crazies!!!! Thanks Jim!

This takes a little from our intro, and then the led astray Satan stuff comes from a response from my uncle Jim to one of Brad's BYU posts during football rivalry week--he is obviously a Utah fan.

Anyway, it is good to know that complete strangers may just view our family as some twisted cult. Google....good for so very many different things.

Pictures of the Kids

We thought it was about time to take some pictures of our kids. Here are a few that turned out to be pretty cute:

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Life with Three

As I sit here listening to see if Noah is really asleep asleep and not just asleep ready to wake up and have me put him to sleep again, I can smell the spit up that is all down the front of my shirt from a few hours ago. I am thinking that there is no better time to write a little about some experiences I have had with our now expanded family.

I took my first trip with all three kids to the post office this week. I should have know better; there can be no other place as awful as the post office at peak time (when is peak time anyway, because no matter when I go, I seem to hit it!). Well, I had Mae carry the packages in while I carried Noah's car seat and held Ian's hand. When I got to the the back of the line, which was out the door, I set the car seat down and rotated between plugging Noah with his pacifier, and picking Ian off the floor where he had fallen like a limp noodle because he didn't want me to keep holding his hand. We were almost to the front of the line when Mae, who is supposed to be the easy on, knocked 15 envelopes, that were sitting out for sale, on the floor. I had to drag Ian over and help her clean them up.

Two days later I had my 6 week post partum OB visit. I don't know what I was thinking when I made the appointment, but I scheduled it right when Brad had I got to take all three kids there too. I was a little more organized here. I strapped Ian in his stroller, had Mae push him and I carried Noah in his car seat. Noah was sleeping right up to the point that we went back the room. Although he had eaten one hour before, he wants to eat every time he wakes up--so he was not a happy little boy. Thank goodness one of the nurses came and got him and held him the rest of the appointment.

I was prepared with suckers and animal crackers for Mae and Ian, but the Dr. took so long to get into the room that those things were gone, and Mae was ticked that they didn't have any kid magazines. With nothing but a paper sheet covering me from the waist down, I sat in that room with Mae and Ian, trying to get Ian to stop kicking/hitting/and spitting on Mae and positioning him in his stroller just right so that he could reach any of the medical equipment or the posters on the walls. Mae didn't want to be there because she thought it was gross that I had to take my pants off and she kept commenting on this the entire appointment.

Finally, the Dr. came in and I strategically placed the kids where neither would see "anything" with the exam (this is when a lot of Ian kicking Mae went on). Thank goodness the nurse put Noah to sleep, so we left and had a relatively peaceful drive home.

Well...I survived my first week of real life with three kids and wonder what next week will bring.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Week in California!!

We spent a very fun week in California last week. My mom and Wendell rented some beach houses on Seal Beach and we spent time out on the beach, at Disneyland and California Adventure, and Mae even got to go with her dad to "Wicked"--and she loved it. Our trip started out with a plane ride which Ian was so excited about. This is the first time Ian has been on a plane since he understood how cool planes and trains and trucks are. We were asked at least 40 times a day when if he could go on a plane for about 5 days prior to going. The first picture posted here is Ian at the airport. We thought he looked pretty cute carrying his bag.

The weather was a little cold and pretty windy, but that didn't stop the kids from having a great time. They both got in the water a couple of times. Ian even ran down the beach and straight into the water before Wendell could get to him. Both Wendell and Ashlie ran as fast as they could and Ashlie finally pulled him out! Maybe next time we go we will have to put a life jacket on him at all times...though I really wish I could have seen Wendell running down the beach!!

Disneyland...what can I say but that kids loved it. We went for a day and a half. Mae got to eat lunch with the Princesses and Ian got to ride on a submarine, a train, a rocket, in a car, a bobsled, a tram, and on a boat. Both were in heaven. The first day Ian got so tired that he was out of control at the Princess lunch, because I had Noah the whole time poor Brad got to handle the beast. Thank goodness he fell asleep in the stroller not long after that. Those few hours is what prompted the half day the next day--we left for Disneyland after Ian's nap.

Noah spent the entire time in the sling and did amazing. I am tempted to hang the sling from the ceiling here at home so he will sleep as good as he did at Disneyland. I was surprised at home many rides I was able to go on with him.

I posted this picture, first because it is the only family picture we took the whole trip, but also so you can see how unhappy Ian is to be anywhere near this Bugs Life character Flick. We went and saw the 3D video there in California Adventure, and for those of you who have seen it, it is pretty scary in parts. Ian did okay in the movie, but he didn't want to even get near Flick after it. I don't think Ian will be choosing Bugs Life to watch anytime in the near future.

After the Matterhorn...

After a long day at Disneyland, the kids fell asleep on the way back to the beach house.

We had a great time in California and were sad to leave all of the family to come home...but hey, we got to ride another airplane (Ian has been asking to go on another since we got home).

Real life starts again for us this week. Brad goes back to school tomorrow, and I start back at work on Tuesday. For those of you who have asked how having three kids is, ask me again in a couple weeks.

Below I have posted a picture of Noah. It was taken before our California trip but I haven't posted one of him lately.