Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ian's HAPPY birthday...


We visited the fire station early today to let Ian have a private tour of the station and the trucks--guess what he liked the most?!... The BIG engine, of course. The on-duty firefighters were VERY cool, and they let Ian crawl around in their trucks to his heart's content--they even pulled the BIG engine out of the garage, raised the ladder for Ian to watch, and honked the horn too! Ian of course loved EVERY minute of it and did not want to leave (practically throwing a fit). What a great beginning to a great birthday!

On the way to the station we stopped at the train tracks and let the kids walk around, and have a quick break. Ian was SOOOO excited to get to the fire station that he [I kid you not] ran the whole way there, which is saying something because the fire station is close to a mile from our house--he simply wouldn't stop. As many of you know, Ian loves anything to do with trains, and while playing on the train tracks doesn't seem like something a normal kid would do for his birthday, Ian absolutely loved it. I mean, c'mon, throwing rocks and waiting to see a train--how could it get any better?

This is Ian's birthday "cake". He wanted train, so we got creative and it turned out well.

Ian's gifts were great! He loves the hat and shirt Grandma and Grandpa Foster gave him, the cape aunt Jeni gave him, the "Robin Hood" movie and "James" engine Grandpa and Grandma Campbell gave him, the new CD player/singer and Lightning McQueen boots Grandma Terry and Grandpa Wendell gave him, and especially the $2.50 airplanes we got on clearance for him at a local toy store!

Ian--obviously loving his planes and boots! In addition to all of the above, we also went swimming, BBQed hot dogs wrapped in croissants, popped some popcorn, ate Ian's train cake, and watched Disney's "Robin Hood" before hitting the sack. Below is a quick video of the fire station. We took a longer video of the truck as the ladder rose, but it was too long to post. Anyway, Ian had a GREAT birthday--even as I type this, he is playing with his planes in his bed, "trying" to go to sleep.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mmmmmmmm, Brownies!

Seriously, is there anything better?

Okay, maybe the cupcakes where Carly works in St. George..., or the Reece's peanut-butter chip/chocolate cookies.

Is your mouth watering yet?