Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wow,..Another 6 Months

We had a great summer...we literally played 80% of it. It has been nice to get back into the swing of a schedule-cheaper too. Here are a few of the highlights of our last 6 months...

Mae turned 8 and got baptized. We were so excited for her. She seems to know so much more about her decision than I think I did at that age. But I am pretty sure she thinks she knows more about most things than me, even now! We sure do love her. She loves giving all the lessons in family home evening, and she loves Choosing the Right. She is loved by all who know her, teachers, primary teachers, family and especially her brothers.

School started again. Ian started Kindergarten..does he looked excited? He is pretty sure he is awesome at every subject, and insists he already knows how to read (he can memorize sight word books brought home).

Mae started 3rd grade. She loves her teacher and has made a bunch of new friends. I never have to worry about her.
Peter is still stinking cute, wouldn't you agree?
I turned 30...I wish I hadn't but I didn't have much say in the matter.
Mae got her first bloody nose in soccer. She was a good sport about it and I was "that mom" that said "ahh she's fine" after the ball hit her and then felt bad when she came off the field dripping.
Ian lost his first tooth. Two in fact. When he came to us saying he lost his tooth, the other was also gone. Who knows where that one went.
Halloween was fun. Brad was a Utah fan. I was actually a BYU fan. Ian and Mae are obvious. Noah was Super Dog (and fell and cut his head open 5 minutes before this picture. A lot of bloody rags and some super glue later, he was fine), and Peter again was stinking cute as an owl.
Last but not least. Ian turned 6. He had a Star Wars cake (cookie). Lots of black food coloring sure looks cool on the cake, but I had that whole think thrown in the sink after everyone had one bite because it was staining EVERYTHING it touched. Tongues and fingers included.