Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well I have put off posting because all of our pictures are on Brad's laptop which he takes to school, but wow, we need a new post so this will be a boring one with no pictures.

We are in our new house! We love all of the room. It is 5 bedrooms. We are using one of the rooms for a playroom and then all of the kids have their own. We are finally pretty much moved in, and can't finish completely until we get a few more pieces of furniture to put things in (number one on my list is somewhere to put our DVD's, we currently have a 4 foot stack of them in the corner and it is bound to fall over any day and knock Noah out).

I feel bad but I haven't really been in to Halloween this year. We just pulled out our 3 decorations this week! Mae was pretty disappointed at our decorations and wants to buy more really soon. Mae is going to be a witch this year, Ian a knight, and Noah...we aren't quite sure yet, either Dopey or a constructions worker (Ian's old costumes). I really want to put him in Mae's old ladybug costume with a sign on him that says: " So! Being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl! Is that it, fly boy? " A quote from Bugs Life, if any of you have seen it lately. But....Brad won't let me. He says he has to protect the boys (I wanted to do this for Ian 2 years ago too.), and that I can't put them in girls costumes. I may just do it anyway.

Brad is liking his job at High School here. He is going to be the Sophomore basketball coach, and pre-tryout practices have started a few times a week. With that and him having cub scouts once a week, he is pretty busy. Ian is having major withdraws from the stay at home dad he had for 8 months.

Well, I think that is long enough...soon to come, pictures of our new house, and Halloween costumes.