Friday, February 25, 2011

Another 6 Months

Well, it has been another 6 months since I posted...but life has been happening, and here is a few pictures of our winter lately:

We went sledding with the kids on Presidents Day and had a ton of fun. Peter slept in the car, which was probably the most fun he was going to have too.
Here is Brad attempting a train down the hill with the kids, this time didn't work (Ian is laying on his stomach on his sled, just behind Brad and Mae wanted to try standing up the whole way down).
Going off jumps...

Noah could do everything himself, even carry the sled up the hill, it was sooo nice.
Some pictures of my boys...Peter is growing up quick, we wonder if we thought all of our kids were as cute as him. We are pretty sure we did.
Mae's 2nd grade program. All the kids dressed up as a book character. Mae is Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Geotrax...our life these days.

Christmas: I was scheduled to work Christmas morning, so we asked Santa Clause to make us his first stop (I ended up being put on call). We had a camp fire and sang Christmas carols on Christmas Eve and when we got back, Santa had come and we got to open all of our presents! It was fun having grandma and grandpa Foster, Craig, grandma Terri, grandpa Wendell, and Ashlie with us too.

It was freezing!!! But still fun.