Monday, March 22, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Winter

These are a few of our last "winter pictures". Hopefully we will be posting camping trips, days of hiking, and family vacations soon.

We took Mae and my mom, Wendell, and Ashlie (their Christmas present from us) to the Utah Symphony. It was a children's performance, "The Mini Magic Flute". It was at Abravanel Hall. They had all of the instruments from the orchestra out in the foyer for the kids to try out. This is Mae trying out the cello...the instrument that Brad would love her to play. She thought
it was neat, which is all that we could hope for. Ashlie
thought it was kind of weird...we will just have to keep giving
her tickets to the symphony for Christmas until she likes it!

About a month ago we took Ashlie and the kids to Soldier Hollow to go tubing. It was an hour slot and with the long lines we were only able to go down three times, but I think everyone had fun. Noah's first run was not the greatest--he got wedged in his tube, head down, feet sticking up, and screamed the whole way up. Then he screamed the whole way down because the snow was flying in his face. The next two runs were fun for him.

After, we got hot chocolate and dinner at the lodge, so it was a fun night.