Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mae's First Day of Pre-K (that's public preschool)

Mae is loving Preschool so far. She goes 5 days a week for 3 hours (which I am not liking very much, actually getting her to stop playing in order to get ready quickly 5 days a week is what I am not liking). She made butter today and is learning how to do jumping jacks in P.E. with Coach Hole (his name is actually Holt, but apparently they don't stress the 't' in their Oklahoma accents). She loves all the friends that she is making, and is finally telling me their names when she talks about them instead of saying "the girl with the yellow hair, or the boy with the blue shirt and red shirt. I am glad she is enjoying it.

Above is her first day of school.

We laughed forever at this!

If any of you know about it, I am sure you had a good laugh too!

Here's the link to youtube:


Sad day for Ian

...He broke his arm. Above is the before picture, and below is the after--we were hoping for a BLUE cast, but they only had clear.

Last week, anyway. He fell out of his crib while trying to get out of it after we had put him to bed.

So, we took him in for an x-ray because he kept crying every time he bumped his left arm...and it was broken!

He is doing fine, though the process at the hospital was quite an episode--he doesn't trust anyone in scrubs that isn't his mother.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Settling in Oklahoma

Since we are finding that there are more and more people that we want to stay in contact with, and I am horrible at it, I have been convinced that this is a great way to do it. So here we go...our new blog. We have been in Oklahoma for about a month now and are pretty much settled in. Brad started school, I started work, and Mae started Preschool. Mae is going 5 days a week, half day--which I am not thrilled with, but we are making it work for now. She loves school, but doesn't want to go every day. She is missing her play time, and I even missing her brother I think. I am adjusting at work, I will have to give it some more time, but for now I am really missing my old hospital. Brad is getting used to sharing an office with 10 other people, and getting work done while they are in and out and chatting (he was spoiled in Oregon where he had his own office and a window).
We have done some painting inside the house, and quite a bit of digging outside. We planted some trees, and now we are working on moving dirt around the house so that water doesn't pool next to the foundation. Brad is finding that yard work is not his favorite--but he is being a good sport about all the ideas I have. I will have to wait until next year to plant any bushes or flowers, as well as replant the grass that we have dug up, but I want to get it all ready this fall.
Well, that is our update for now. I will try to keep this updated.