Friday, May 18, 2012

A Few Things We have Been Up To...

My sister Heidi married Bryan in the Salt Lake Temple.  We think that he is a good addition to the family.  

A few cute pictures of my kids at the temple and reception...

Noah turned 4!  He has seemed older than 3 to us for forever.  We had a fun party in St. George, and Ian talked him into having an airplane cake.
The kids and I went with grandma Terri and a few cousins to see the Blue Angels airshow.  All the kids loved it, especially Ian.

Peter broke his arm...following in Ian's footsteps I guess.  He only had to have the cast on for 3 weeks, but by the end it still stunk sooo bad.

I have been forcing Brad to do hours and hours of yard work.  Things are taking shape.  We laid sod in the backyard (which took weeks of prep work and a day of tractor work donated by my brother in law JJ)  The project that is the most fun to see take shape is this dry river bed.  It will eventually extend into a dry pond in our front yard.  All these rock were dug out of the trenches when we installed our sprinkling system, and yes we do have enough for the pond part too.  I will have to post a picture with the finished project.
And finally, my mom, Britany, and I took a girls trip to Austin Texas for the Country Living Fair.  We, or maybe just I, spent too much money, but we had a lot of fun and had a break from mom duty.


Heather said...

Sorry peter broke his arm! My lily broke hers too. She had a brace on for 2 weeks. I'm so glad that kids so little heal fast!

I laughed at your dry river bed because you took out all those rocks yourself! we used our rocks we dug out around our yard too.

adka13 said...
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Bruce Holt said...

You make it sound like Brad had no choice in the hours and hours of yard work you made him do. I am sure you didn't make him do anything. He is simply a nice guy and willing to help out in a large variety of ways. You may have come up with a good way for him to use his time, and he obviously agreed. It may have taken some discussion for him to see your perspective, but in the end it was his willingness to perform the labor that got the work done.

Heidi & Bryan said...

Yay!! I made it to your blog, that's very exciting. Looks like you have been having fun. I am glad there are few people in the family that keep their blog up!

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Cami said...

Hey, where are you guys in Utah? We are in Utah probably no where near you guys but thought I'd check.

Jessica Fairbairn said...

your kids are cute.

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