Monday, February 13, 2012

Late Christmas Post

So I decided that I would do a post, but when I went to post some pictures, we haven't really taken any since Christmas. So...this will be a Christmas post.

We had a great time. We surprised Brad's parents and showed up on their door step at 5:00 on Christmas Eve. Mae and Ian spent Christmas Eve day skiing with Grandpa Wendell, Brad and a bunch of cousins. It was their first time, and they absolutely loved it. Noah and I made cookies for Santa, and Peter had a nap.

These are pictures from Christmas Eve. The family shot is us showing off our "Gift from the Heart" Christmas. Brad gave Mae and photo book and story titled "How to Train Your Dad"-a complete how-to guide on how to wrap your dad around your finger, illustrated with pictures of Mae. I gave Ian a collage of pictures, the Millenium Falcon, the Salt Lake Temple, an X wing fighter pic with CTR and 'May the Force be with You' on it, and Brad's mission plaque-all to hang in his room to remind him to stay on the good side, CTR, and prepare for his mission. Mae made Noah a dog house out of pvc pipe and cardboard. Ian made Peter a picture flip book with pics of family and other household things he wanted him to learn how to say (I have to say it helped Peter's language development, he knows most of the words in that book now). Noah painted a BYU logo picture for Brad--he loved giving it to him. And Peter, with the help of Brad, put his handprint on a paper, and had it framed. We love Gift of the Heart. I think that it is even the kids favorite part of Christmas.

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